Run Your Business. Get Rewarded.

Our seamless loyalty program rewards you just for running your business. Every time you make an eligible Hydrafacial purchase, you’ll earn points that can be used to save on future purchases. As you continue to shop with us, you’ll unlock more rewards points.

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1 point = £1 rewards value

Accumulate rewards points up to 2% of your total purchase and earn a point for every pound you spend with us–regardless of your payment method. It’s that simple.

Grow Your Loyalty Status

The more you invest with us, the more we reward you. Each time you reach a new level of loyalty, you unlock new tier benefits for bigger cost savings.

Save & Celebrate

Redeem your reward points for pounds off your online store purchases and take advantage of promotions, exclusive to your loyalty tier level.

Want to learn more?

Reach out to our team to find out how the loyalty program can help reduce your overall cost per treatment, or to learn more about program benefits like rewards, discounts, exclusive offers, and more.

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Provider Loyalty Rewards Program FAQ


A loyalty rewards program designed to reduce overall cost per treatment & celebrate milestones at every tier level. We’ve implemented true tier level benefits within our Loyalty Rewards Program like tier pricing discounts, earning rewards points, and receiving continuous support from our internal/external teams. In addition, this program ensures your business successes are celebrated every step of the way with
milestone badges.

If you are a brand-new account, you can contact to set you up with a Loyalty ID. If
you are an existing account, you can contact to verify your Loyalty ID.

It’s possible! For the Hydrafacial online store account, you are allowed to have several user IDs (email) associated with who purchases products & consumables at your current tier level pricing. However, you can
only have one user ID (email) assigned to a Loyalty ID that is able to view the Loyalty Dashboard & redeem points. We recommend selecting the user that does all your ordering for the Loyalty ID, so they can view &
redeem any available reward points!

Login to the online store with your Loyalty ID, select Welcome [Business Name] in the top right-hand corner & select Loyalty Rewards. Here you can see your current tier status, available points, 2023 loyalty
benefits & account activity.

Tiers, Discounts & Rewards Points

As you spend money on Hydrafacial Consumables, you’ll unlock 1 of our 3 qualified tiers — Silver Circle, White Star, or Black Diamond. Each tier has a clear spend qualification that is solely based on YTD consumable spend. Consumables are considered products such as solutions, boosters and tips.

You can find your current tier level status in your Loyalty Dashboard at or reach out
to your IBDM (Internal Business Development Manager) or BDM (Business Development Manager).

Tier levels are assessed annually on December 31st each year. Annual spend on eligible consumables, will
determine the tier level for the remainder of that calendar year and for all of the following year. In addition,
the annual spend amounts reset on January 1st each year.

Here’s an example:

• An account who hits £8,501+ on eligible products on June 31, 2023, will achieve Black Diamond tier status from July 1 through December 31, 2023, and for the entire Calendar year of 2024.
• When January 1, 2024, comes around, the account tier status will remain at Black Diamond (since the account achieved status in 2023) and the accounts consumable spend amount will reset to
$0. The account will now need to ensure they hit the 2024 YTD Consumable threshold spend to maintain Black Diamond going into 2025.

As you shop Hydrafacial products and add them to your cart, you will see rewards points rack up for you to
use on future online store orders.

Your online store points can be redeemed on any eligible* products in the online store. Shop online at

You can redeem your points within the online store upon checkout. To redeem, you’ll add your product(s)
to the cart, select checkout, add your shipping & credit card details (keep scrolling down), and an area will
populate with your Loyalty Rewards points available to you.

*Not all products are eligible for a discount/promotion and are dependent on tier level.

No. You can break up your points as you wish. Just make sure to add whole numbers and not a decimal.

1 Point = £1 Rewards Value. The % of points you receive back are based on your tier level. As a Silver Circle
you’ll receive 1%, as a White Star 1.5% and as a Black Diamond 2%.

Rewards points accumulated on or before December 31, 2023 will expire December 31, 2024. Rewards
accumulated on or after January 1, 2023 will expire exactly one (1) year after accrual if not redeemed.

Ongoing Support

No matter where you are in your journey with Hydrafacial, you will always have a dedicated team member
(a BDM or IBDM) to help support your business, whether they are in the field to make an in-person visit or
remote to schedule a virtual meeting/training with you.


If you are new to Hydrafacial and do not have an online store account, you can reach out to If you have been with Hydrafacial for a while & think you have an online
store account associated with a Loyalty ID, you can reach out to

You can reach out to

You can reach out to