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A particularly gentle peel with Lactobionic Acid and Phytic Acid,
ideal for customers with sensitive skin.

Do you have clients that need a gentler exfoliation option?

This new peel is for them. It’s a gentle-strength acid peel that uses Lactobionic acid (a PHA) instead of Salicylic acid and Phytic acid (an AHA) instead of Glycolic acid, making it particularly suited for clients looking for a more sensitive option.

Active ingredient highlights

Gentle Strength Acid Peel uses lactobionic acid (a PHA) instead of salicylic acid and phytic acid (an AHA) instead of glycolic acid, making it especially suitable for sensitive skin

  • Lactobionic Acid:
    Gentle PHA exfoliator for sensitive skin
  • Phytic Acid:
    Gentle AHA exfoliator with antioxidant properties