Hydrafacial Referral Program

Refer a business to Hydrafacial and receive £500 when they purchase a device!

Only our device uses patented Vortex-Fusion Technology to gently but effectively exfoliate skin while driving active ingredients deep into the skin for immediate results. With over 130 patents on our technology, we’re boldly leading the industry into the future of skin health.


    With its immediate results and no downtime, the Hydrafacial treatment quickly becomes a monthly routine for your clients. See how fast the Hydrafacial will increase your profitability and grow your business.


    We invest aggressively in the activation of the Hydrafacial name through public relations, print and digital advertising. You get up-to-date marketing materials to help ensure your Hydrafacial success.


    You receive in-person training upon the purchase of your device from one of our Regional Training Specialist. We also offer informative webinars to keep you up-to-speed with marketing trends and new product information.

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