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For Daily Use

Copper Infused

82% Copper CuTEC® nylon binds copper to fabric fibers and is woven into both sides of the mask for dual protection.

Performance fit

Complete facial coverage with moisture-wicking nylon that is ideal for extended wear.

Machine Washable

Effective active copper
over the life of the product.


The FaceLife mask is designed to help protect those around you. By efficiently covering the nose and mouth it helps to minimise the spread of germs from you to others.

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Why Copper?

  • Research suggests that copper alloys can reduce patient Infections in hospital ICUs by as much as 58%*
  • 82% Copper CuTEC® nylon binds copper to fabric fibers
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Performance Fitted

FaceLife masks were purposefully engineered with your personal safety in mind.

  • Constructed with a proprietary nylon blend with filaments that resemble silk
  • Moisture-wicking to help keep skin cool
  • Full-face, lay-flat coverage
  • Flexible nose bridge for a snug, but comfortable fit
  • Reduces fogging on glasses

Built for Extended Wear

The exceptional design and fit allows for extended wear in comfort.

  • No gaps, pressure points or rough edges
  • Superior stretch-ability for more comfortable, form-fitting experience
  • Stretch-to-fit ear elastic with just the right amount of tension

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FaceLife mask

Caring for your mask is as easy as wearing it.

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    Machine Wash
    After Use
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    Use Hot Water
    With Detergent
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    Do not use
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    Lay Flat
    to Dry


PLEASE NOTE: The FaceLife Masks are NOT designated by UK/EU standards as medical masks. Therefore, they are considered in the category of personal face coverings, i.e. for lessoning the spread of coughs and sneezes and the benefit of people around you – rather than protecting the wearer. The UK government has not yet issued guidance on the level of PPE required for the delivery of HydraFacial treatments; therefore, we cannot yet assume the masks will be suitable for use in that context. However, they remain excellent for personal use. This product makes no claims that it will cure or prevent Coronavirus, Influenza, or Covid-19.