HydraFacial™ FaceLife™ Copper Infused Face Mask
Powered by Copper
Washable up to 30 times without losing protection for up to 31 wears.
82% Copper CuTEC® Nylon, 15% Regular Nylon, 3% Elastic.
Limit the spread of germs through the natural benefits of copper.

Care Instructions
Wash mask daily after wear. Machine wash in hottest water possible with detergent.
DO NOT BLEACH. DO NOT use hydrogen peroxide. DO NOT use fabric softeners.
Lay Flat to Dry.

DO NOT BLEACH as this will reduce the antibacterial nature of the copper.

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PLEASE NOTE: The FaceLife Masks are NOT designated by UK/EU standards as medical masks. Therefore, they are considered in the category of personal face coverings, i.e. for lessoning the spread of coughs and sneezes and the benefit of people around you – rather than protecting the wearer. The UK government has not yet issued guidance on the level of PPE required for the delivery of HydraFacial treatments; therefore, we cannot yet assume the masks will be suitable for use in that context. However, they remain excellent for personal use.